A Dish Served Cold

Stella felt her mind slipping away as her beautiful life was destroyed by her very hands. Sitting on her
knees on the bloodstained floor, her hands covered in fresh blood as she dropped the blood-dripping
knife that clanked on the cold floor. The body before her bled profusely from multiple gaping wounds
from the throat and the chest area. The blinding rage that consumed her was gradually receding, leaving
behind a dark feeling of guilt, sorrow, regret, and despair as she saw Clinton, her husband breathing
heavily as his life slowly ebbed away.
How did the heaven she created for herself suddenly crumble? How did her dream become a
nightmare? How did it all happen? She loved her husband, and her child, she thought as she cast a
glance to the now battered corpse of a newborn lying in the corner. What really happened? Questions
flooding her head until she heard a familiar voice.
“Hurts doesn’t it?” her mouth hung wide open as she stared at a ghost from her past.

Stella kept worrying the moment she knew she was pregnant. She was a carefree spirit once with a
path of betrayal. Ever since she snagged that hot wealthy actor for a husband, she had always remained
on her toes due to her dark past. Moving away from the big city to the suburbs was a big step for her to
starting a new life for herself and her new family. All seemed well until the rumors began, her husband
had a mistress. At first, she ignored them, but like a slow-burning ember, it got into her head, even
confronting her husband about it only met with a dead-end as he denied having any dealings with
Her Doctor who was her confidant tried to help with “antidepressants” to keep her calm and since she
was pregnant, any form of stress was bad for herself and the baby. Soon after, she forgot the incident
until after one of her weekly sessions with her doctor, that she caught sight of her husband with a lady
in hand as they walked the streets laughing. The lady was unknown, but she seemed to be having fun as
she snuggled closer to him as they walked past her. Without hesitation, she takes a picture with her
phone; “That bastard, he’s going to pay for this.”
Watching them as they enter a restaurant with some people following at a distance. “Damn paparazzi!!
Can’t let anything be private anymore.”; she muttered to herself as she left for her car.
That night as she waited for Clinton to return, her phone buzzed prompting her to check her phone. It
was a video message from an unknown number. Playing it, she drops the phone as she sees footage of
Clinton having sex with the lady she saw earlier that day. Holding her throbbing head, she reaches for
the pills to numb the pain. Her phone starts to ring, several times over, which is completely ignored by
Stella starts to hyperventilate.
“CRASH!! CRASH!!”; came various sounds of broken glass, as she smashed the glassware and pulled
down the furniture around the house. Her heart beginning to race uncontrollably as thoughts of the
betrayal hit her very soul. She starts to feel faint and holds her tummy as she passes out on the dining
room floor. Like distant voices, she hears someone call out to her, she starts to get to, but the throbbing
in her head still persisted. Just then something moved past her, so fast and unnatural it felt as she
scrambled backward.
“Whose there?”; she called out in a shaky voice.

The shadow moved towards her stepping into the light; it causes her to scream as she couldn’t
comprehend what manner of creature stood before her. It had the upper body of a muscled man and
the lower body of an arachnid, a normal arm on the right and huge crab-like pincers on the left. Its head
looked human, but it had 4 eyes that seemed to look at everything corner of the room as it advanced
towards her. It bellowed as it came right before her, reaching for her.
“BAK!!!”, she kicks it furiously whilst she makes for safety. The pain in her tummy increasing as she
made her way to the kitchen. She throws a dish, then a glass jug at it, which it deflects with its pincers. It
swiftly moves towards her causing her to lose her footing as it grabbed her hand. Her now bare feet now
stepping on broken glass from earlier causing her to scream, just then, her vision begins to blur and she
sees Clinton reaching out to her, like in a dream.
The creature swipes at her, sending her back towards the fridge as she lands on her butt. Fighting to stay
conscious, she begins to feel a heavy flow between her thighs, looking down to see her ash-colored satin
gown turning red. Weakly, she gets up, dripping as she made her way through the disheveled kitchen
towards the store. The creature lunges grab her by the hair before severing the ligaments of her knees,
causing her to scream in agony. It drags her away from the store, tearing away at her clothing, before
standing before her as she laid before it bleeding, she tried to move, but couldn’t as she saw her hands
and feet bound by webbing. Her legs lay open before the creature as it looked at her hungrily, its stinger
protruding from its rear as it crouched down before her, she screamed and passed out as the creature
thrust its stinger deep into her.
Moments later, as she was coming to, all was quiet. Both the creature and the pain that throbbed in her
head were gone. She looked down and found herself laying on the kitchen floor with her gown now
spotless. She rubs her head and starts to get up, suddenly, a sharp pain hits her causing her to reel
backward. Clutching her tummy, she felt a hard kick inside, followed by another and another, each
going simultaneously as she screamed.
Whatever it was, it most certainly wasn’t a baby, her tummy started to rumble and swell as “it” swam
for her cervix. She wasn’t going to birth anything unnatural, even if whatever happened corrupted her
child, she would never birth a monster. The swelling caused more pain as she tried looking for anything
to remove “it”, spying a knife on the rack, she makes for it slowly, but not before crumbling to the floor
as she couldn’t bear it any longer. Her hands knocking over the rack as several dishes and knives fall to
the floor beside her, with shaky hands she reaches for a blade as she felt something crawl out of her.
First, there were spiders, then with a rush of amniotic fluid, a mass is pushed out with force as she
screams. She tries to catch her breath and grabs a knife, the mass stirs and scurries away, dragging with
it the umbilical cord which tugged at it as it fled. Quickly, she slices the cord as the other end disappears
behind the fridge.
She slowly edges her way towards the fridge, knife in hand as she prepared to kill the creature or
whatever it was. Quickly moving to the side, she spies nothing behind the fridge, except for the trail of
amniotic fluid it left, she hears a shrill cry and spies the “mass” on the counter as it contoured into a
baby. Then suddenly, its eyes fell off leaving empty sockets, two pointy tentacles sprung out of its back
as its legs spilled to form several legs like that of a centipede. It looks at her cooing while blinking its
empty eyes, Stella slowly reaches towards it, hands stretched as she got closer, the creature seeing her
gesture holds her hands, caressing its face slowly as it closes its eyes.

Sweat drips from her forehead, as she raises the knife in the air, the creature opens its eyes, but it’s too
late to react as she swiftly stabs it with reckless abandon. Blood spewing everywhere as it whizzes and
chokes on its own blood, before being flung towards the wall. The creature makes a weak cry before
going silent, she stands against the counter and wipes her head with her now blood-stained hand.
Suddenly, she stops as she feels a presence looming behind her, readying her blade, she awaited her
stalker as it approached her from behind.
Quickly, she turns, striking at it, the blow hitting the spider creature at the side of its neck with the blade
going through it like butter. It screamed, clutching its neck as it gurgled, stepping backward.
“I’m going to make you pay for what you did to me, you monster.”; she said coldly as she approached it.
Jumping on it as she landed, stab after stab on the creature, it bled out like waterworks on the floor. She
must’ve lost count as everything turned red with rage and blood as she dealt each blow on the creature,
stabbing and twisting the blade for good measure. All this seemed to last until she heard it,
“Stella, what have you done?”
She stops, looking around as her darkness started to lighten up, showing her what she never wanted nor
expected. Her gaze widened as she saw Clinton, now laid before her, bleeding out as he said her name
one more time, in confusion she looks at her hands all covered in blood as the knife dropped from her
grasp and then around her, spying her child lying in a pool of its blood at the corner.
What has she done?
The question rang in her head as she reached for his hands, holding it as she felt him slowly leaving her.
Tears slowly filled her eyes dropping in unison on his hand as she caressed her face with it. His thumb
moves slightly causing her to look at him as he smiled before closing his eyes. Stella wouldn’t have it,
she was lost as her world had crumbled and her heaven was gone.
And like a bad cold, the familiar voice from the shadows calling her attention causes her to scream, but
this time with fright.
A lady walks in, limping with every step as she did.
“Hurts doesn’t it.”
It was her Doctor, the woman she trusted, but why? Why is she here?
“You don’t remember do you now, Lily baby?”
“Lily Baby? How could she…?”; she thought as she finally realized who it really was.
“You took my Fiancé from me. You set me up and left me to burn in that house in the village. You left me
to die.”; the stranger continued to taunt her.
“I didn’t mean…”; Stella replied weakly as she was still in shock.
“YOU DID THIS TO ME…!!!”; the stranger cut her off tearing off the mask to reveal a burnt face. “And I
told you I will make YOU PAY!”

Stella sat there silent before lunging at the intruder, tackling her to the ground with great speed as she
stabbed ferociously at her.
“He was mine… All mine… Life was mine… You wanted to take that from me, Rosemary. I KILLED
YOU!! I KILLED YOU…!!! I KILLED YOU…!!!”; Stella went on as she kept stabbing Rosemary until she
went cold save for the squishing sound of flesh as the blade went to and fro from her lifeless body.
Stella stops, dropping the knife as she began to cry. Red and blue lights fill the room as she falls on
Clinton’s corpse weeping, everything seemed silent, frozen in time as her mind wandered off to happy
thoughts of her loving husband and of her holding their child before…….

“Hello, Hello…!! Rosemary are you with us, you seemed lost for a while.”; came a calm voice.
Adjusting her gaze, she saw a lady, dressed in a white coat sitting across her from a table taking notes.
Looking further, she sees the name on the tag, Dr. Stella Clinton. “Where was she? Who was she?”; she
thought to herself as the Doctor finished writing.
“I can’t help you with your condition if you keep telling me this make-believe story. Do you even know
why you’re here? You were arrested for breaking and entering, assault and murder. Look at what you
did, just look…”
The doctor plays a video that showed Stella stabbing a child and later on someone whom she couldn’t
make out.
“No… No… You’re wrong, I’m perfectly… fi… fine… Clinton is my husband. I know, I didn’t do anything.”;
the lady said cutting her off.
“You broke into my home and killed an innocent man and his child. I called the authorities and got you
arrested as you were delusional… in my home…”; the doctor replied.
“No… No… You’re wrong, this… Is my life…” the lady said as she began to struggle with the straps
holding her to the chair.
The Doctor rubs her temple and sighs whilst she pushed a buzzer.
An orderly comes in with a guard stopping behind the lady as she gestures them to take her away. The
door opens revealing a large paparazzi as they bombarded the doctor with questions.
“This one is a nutcase, we’ll have to keep her admitted. She’s… mentally ill.”; the Doctor said amidst the
The orderly and the guard wheel her away as she struggled while yelling; “She’s an imposter. She’s
lying.” Her cries completely ignored by everyone as she was being wheeled away further in the mental
They wheel her before a reflective glass that shows her face, badly burnt and disfigured. They stop by an
elevator as the Doctor calls their attention running towards them.
“I want to have a quick word with her.”; she said.

She bends low whispering something to her ear.
“Your life for mine as mine is yours, Lily Baby.”
“Rosemary” sits motionless shocked at the realization that just hit her; Rosemary switched bodies with

her which explained why she allowed herself to get stabbed without a fight. She planned this from the get-
go, the drugs, the rumors, everything was planned to get her to switch bodies with her without a hassle,

just then the elevator door opens with Clinton steps in holding a baby shocking her the more.
“Hi, Sweetie. Ready to go?”; he said as “Rosemary” stared at him.
“Yes, all done for today.”
Clinton looks at “Rosemary” frowning before heading away with “Stella”. I can’t believe she came to our
home to cause such trouble after she killed the caretaker and his kid. Such a heartless bitch I tell ya…”
“Rosemary” tries to talk, but she’s immediately gagged and wheeled away, with muffled screams filling
her lips, she knew she had lost everything as she helplessly watched “Stella” kiss her husband whilst the
the elevator door closes.

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