Don't Lose Your Dinosaur!

Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur!

Those reading this that remember the little scene in the movie, “Step Brothers” where Robert (The step-dad) talks to both Dale and Brendan about not giving up on their dreams. He talks about how when he was a kid he’d roam around the backyard like a dinosaur. Robert roamed around like a dinosaur until he was yelled at by his dad to get a job he’s 17. He then says that he became a doctor and forgot how to be a dinosaur. If you just want to watch the clip, it’s below.

Do What You Love To Do!

Basically, the moral of the story is to do what you love to do! Do you love computers, in particular cyber security? Maybe you can help fix viruses on computers for other people because I wouldn’t encourage hacking as a career for ya. Or you love writing, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, or film making?  Just go out there and DO something you love and if there’s someone trying to pull your dreams away from you either drop that person from your social circle (even if it’s a parent) and do that thing you love to do!

Enter Our Universe

Enter Our Universe

We would love to help you embrace your dreams! The Indie Revolution is in gearing up and we have already recruited a few creators from indie comics to music to even indie film. If you’re interested in embracing your dreams and want help with doing so we are here for you. Click here to join The Indie Revolution and let us know what your dream is and we will help you from ever losing your dinosaur.

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