Day 6: Take a Number

Take a Number

Like I said in The Indie Revolution blog post I was talking about how most creators want to be the next big company. Well take a number…the line is longer than the DMV line. We at SeerNova Comics LLC are trying to help all indie creators beginning with comic artists and writers to not only give them work, but create something so involved with their own communities(fans) it will revolutionize the indie comic world.

A Message to Fellow Creators

We have been looking at Instagram accounts, twitter accounts, tons of different Facebook groups involved with the indie comic world. We’ve been through countless artists and even a few writers that just didn’t work out due to time differences or other matters. Our plan will bring us all a step closer to finding loyal and unrestricted creators. SeerNova Comics LLC would like to be the hub for the indie comic community and together shine light on our growing talented world.
Side note: We are running a gofundme to help raise money for our first full length comic. Anything at all from sharing to donating and sharing the campaign would be a huge help!

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