The Hub

The Hub

As I said before there is a new age of comics on the rise and that is indie. There are hundreds of thousands of talented creators trying to become the next big thing. What we at SeerNova Comics have in mind will help everyone out and switch up the game.
One huge part of our company is to help other indie comic creators and later down the road all things indie, but that’s further down the road. We want to act as The HUBĀ for all indie comics. We will promote indie artists and writers. Now for example someone is a writer and can’t draw their comic they can come to our site and look for an artist, colorist, etc, and vice versa. We are going to be launching this huge part of our company once we have enough support from our fellow indie creators!

Updated- 6/14/2022

The Hub is now known as Nova Nation. Over the past few years, we have tweaked this platform and we believe Nova Nation is here to stay.

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