The Missionaries Chapter 1

The Missionaries Issue No.: 1

Swan+Rose Studios

The Missionaries is a story of four young South Africans set on stopping Walt Richter’s evil plans.
After protagonists Izak, Johan, Jean, and Nina perform a life-saving good deed, they experience a mystical encounter with a being that’ll change their lives, and the lives of their friends Bongi, Tumi, and Hannah, forever.

They embark on their most challenging journey ever—one of discovery and outsmarting Walt and his malevolent forces.
A coming of age story of young people growing up in an ordinary world, with extraordinary happenings. Not only do they have to fight supernatural enemies, but also… the enemy within.

The brave group has their faith, strength, and character tested, where greed and lust for power rule the day.
Find out if good triumphs over evil in Chapter I: Initiation.

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