Icepick Issue No.: 1

Todd Rayner

Chapter 1 starts out months after the attempted murder of Icepick, and the murder of his parents. Icepick is hellbent on revenge to find out who is behind the murders. Aided by his college roommate, fellow coworker, and best friend Luke, Icepick inches close to those responsible. Unknown to Icepick’s fiancé Annabelle, Luke is helping Icepick to understand his powers and to help him follow the trail to the one who is pulling all the strings in Icepick’s tragic story. As Icepick gets closer to those responsible he runs into Phreak, the main protagonists, who were sent in to finish off Icepick. Phreak, a crazy psychopathic, an ex-carny worker has sprung trap that leads to an explosive end to this chapter.

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