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Codename Hunter

Sean Wade, an intergalactic spy charged with protecting the allied planets from internal and alien threats in the year 3039.

Zenith Knights

The Knights are the world’s premier superhero organization defending it from the dangers brought on from the Ghostland event.

Down by Kontact

Down by Kontact

In a unique period piece, four chaotic friends plan to dominate a tournament in their local arcade. They soon find themselves trapped…

Adventures of Dartman

The creator Richard Irving and owner and creator of Irvrat Comics bring you into a superhero comic known as The Adventures of Dartman.

Shaman’s Destiny Issue 1

One man, one destiny, and a rabbit?! Taurus Comics brings to you their first issue of Shaman’s Destiny!

Nightlands: Chapter 1

Nightmares guide us through our lives but what happens when we find out that nightmares are as real as you and I

The Seer Chronicles 1: Born in Fire

John Benson, a Seer City Firefighter dies on the job after trying to save a humble janitor. However, he is later reborn and is wondering why he was brought back and how.

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