Down by Kontact

Down by Kontact

In a unique period piece, four chaotic friends plan to dominate a tournament in their local arcade. They soon find themselves trapped…

Adventures of Dartman

The creator Richard Irving and owner and creator of Irvrat Comics bring you into a superhero comic known as The Adventures of Dartman.

Shaman’s Destiny Issue 1

One man, one destiny, and a rabbit?! Taurus Comics brings to you their first issue of Shaman’s Destiny!

Nightlands: Chapter 1

Nightmares guide us through our lives but what happens when we find out that nightmares are as real as you and I

The Seer Chronicles 1: Born in Fire

John Benson, a Seer City Firefighter dies on the job after trying to save a humble janitor. However, he is later reborn and is wondering why he was brought back and how.

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