Astronaut Highschooler

Somewhere on Earth, there is a hero who wields a baseball bat, a pair of bowling shoes, and the unimaginable power to protect Earth.

Shaman’s Destiny Issue 5

Malik and the group make their way to Elko, Nevada and the source of all shaman’s powers. They hope to find answers to all their questions…

Shaman’s Destiny Issue 4

On the run, from Tediong and his horde, Malik, Jeph, Gaea, and Dominic make their way from Mexico across the border to the United States.

Shaman’s Destiny Issue 2

After a surprise attack, Malik is barely hanging on to his life. Now Jeph must find a way to save the young shaman before he perishes.

Zenith Knights Issue 2

Successful on their mission, Double Date, managed to quell the rampage of a powerful newborn zenergist and make a new friend.

Codename Hunter 2

The Secret Agent has uncovered a secret that leads him to the planet, Mercury. What will he find there?

INK: Dreamland

A tattoo artist, Shane Murphy is gifted an extraordinary destiny that he never asked for and if he doesn’t accept it he will die.

The Reaper (Spanish version)

After several personal attacks, the astral of death will decide that it’s time to raise a new archangel to stop this threat…

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