Building Brand and Community-SNP Ep.112

Show Notes

In Ep.112 of our SeerNova Podcast (SNP) we talk to our guest Krysta Crawford about Gamestop’s store of the future, movie drive-ins, her comic Wolf and I, cosplaying, building brand and community, her love for fiction books, and much more!

Building Brand and Community

We talked a bit about building a brand and a community among the many other topics in Ep.112. We go over this topic because it is essential for creators to do that! Creators need to continue to build and grow their brands. We talk about posting consistently, how to not post on social media, and more.

Going to the Drive-ins

Another topic we go over is going to the drive-ins. There is a reason we mentioned that and that is their marketing is atrocious and Dillon mentions what could help them. Below are 2 drive-ins in Upstate New York that are definitely still operating!

Drive-in movies

To listen to Ep.112 click here! To watch it click above!

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