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Building a following isn’t the easiest and it takes quite some time, but it is necessary for this day and age. To build a following can be easy even though five seconds ago I said it was hard, but it is going to take some time. We are going to break it down on what you can do to organically build a following.

Organically? What’s that mean?

You might be wondering what building a following organically means well let me learn ya something! There are two ways people get followers. You can buy your followers, but the downside of that is over some time you’ll be found out you’re a fraud and either get your account deleted or you’ll lose more followers after your dirty little secret is out! So, this brings us to organically building a following. To do this you need to be authentic with your audience and actually respond to your followers and not just an emoji actually bring value by answering any questions or concerns they have involving your post(s). Let’s get deep into this, first, let’s help you with Instagram.


Instagram is a must need for comic creators even if you’re against it. It used to be about just fancy photographs, but it has come to be the home for creatives. If you’re an artist or a writer you can post teasers leading up to a release on a comic! Let’s get into Instagram a bit more.

Methods for Instagram

Here are methods for Instagram to start growing your following.

$1.80 Principle

This not only will be used on Instagram but on all social media platforms. Anyways $1.80 principle is what will help you bring value to your old and new followers. This is how you use this effectively.

  1. Search trending hashtags for your niche
  2. With those trending hashtags pick the top 10 hashtags
  3. Alright, now for each hashtag comment on 9 different people’s posts
  4. Repeat step 2 for each top trending hashtag
  5. Message those creators and have a conversation, don’t ask for anything in return just share and comment on their creations!
  6. Then repeat these steps daily

Do this and your following will grow like crazy!


I’ll say it loud for the people in the back, POST CONSISTENTLY! Many people are busy with life and their day job, but this can be done with ease by using a specific way of going about this. To do this use Gary Vee’s Content Strategy Model Slideshare. This will help you make long-form which can be broken down into specific short pieces of content to be distributed across multiple platforms.

Multiple Platforms?

Yes, to get a following you can use just one social media platform, but to make more of an impact using multiple platforms! Obviously, Instagram is one that is listed above, but here are platforms to be used to grow your following.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Youtube


The magic behind Facebook and other platforms is to keep your followers on the up and up of what you’re teasing or planning. Also, your followers can see what you do when you’re not literally working on comic creation. What’s so special about Facebook? Well, for comic creators there is a little thing called FB Groups. This is the bread and butter for FB for comic creators! If you’re not on FB first off what are you doing?! Join FB, make a business/fan page of your comic(s) or company. Next, join every indie comic creator FB group! Stop reading this and go do that if you haven’t done so yet! Now, to grow a following here what needs to be done is to interact with fellow creators in these groups and bring them value in some form. Whether you post #WIP posts on Wednesdays or comment on a post asking what would be a good character name. There ya go, you’re getting the hang of this!


Twitter. This is the water cooler of social media platforms. Simply tweet what you can bring to the indie comics table. Tweet with your own posts about upcoming comics from you or maybe you’re trying to revolutionize the indie comic industry, just go on there and TWEET! Also, retweet and comment on other creator’s tweets because this will give them the urgency to find out who is this person and what are they all about which in turn will gain you a new follower.


Pinterest is all about art and what are comics? Art. Post exciting panels from your comics as separate posts and put that in a Pinterest board. Create another board for maybe pieces of your script obviously watermarked in the corner or top of it would be your logo just to be safe. Share your boards to other platforms you’re apart of and eventually, other people will find your work and pin your creations.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool in your social media arsenal if used correctly! Don’t just cold message people. Let people get to know you through your content and by one simple thing you are going to be doing on all platforms and that is…storytelling.


Storytelling is KEY! To do this is pretty simple. When posting consistently you will not just post a picture as your post you will write some sort of caption that goes with what you’re trying to let followers know about the post. Also, Instagram/FB stories are VERY helpful! You can share other creator’s work in stories and tag #indiecomics, #indierevolution, or something of the sort. MAKE SURE TO TAG THE CREATOR IN THE STORY OF THEIR WORK! Finally, the last piece of the storytelling nugget that needs to be known is to post on the stories consistently of what you’re doing in your everyday life, obviously not when driving.

Now go out there and build a following!
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