Sup! I go by the artist name 'DOMiNO UKAE', the creator of the Afro Thunder story. I am a resident of New York City and what is considered to be an ”otaku” [O-ta’-k-oo]. An otaku is someone who has a fanaticism for Japanese anime and it’s various show series’ & themed merchandise, but I like to refer to myself as just a guy with a hobby & huge imaginationI have a unique art style of fusing the visual concepts of artistic realism, Japanese anime, & western-comic art styles all in one that both challenge norms in the industry and visually stand out from the ocean of content on the web! I always like to push my art to the next level and will usually rock the boat, to create my own path regarding how manga is done, or comics, that get noticed by critics reminding me of "how it's supposed to be done" (Love pissing them off - hahaha). I'm always expanding my range in terms of artistic style and blend them all or make theme-specific content on a whim. Mastering the realms of traditional and digital art until I'm the best! \m/

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