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A Special Announcement From Kris

Hey everyone,
I’ve been working with Seernova for a few months now. I hope you’re as immersed into the horror, mystery and wonderment of my universe as I have. The Department has many stories left as we explore the mysteries of The Ark, post-apocalyptic Toronto, and beyond. However, I’m here to tell you that we will explore the origins of the Department someday soon. It will be my first novel-length work here at Seernova, and it will take us away from the cold, distant future and put us in the past. Namely, all the way back in World War 2.

The World Grows…and Goes To War

With my upcoming novel, entitled Special Ops: The Hidden Front (tentatively!), we will explore how the actions of six ragtag Nazi killers and their mad scientist adversary lead up to the creation of the DSD. We will explore three iconic fronts–Africa, Italy, and of course France (and D-Day, duh)–and the secret war waging across them. Joining us on this journey are the plucky First Allied Special Task Force as they battle the Reich for control of strange alien technology. This isn’t our timeline; things will not play out as you might expect. Sinister cosmic forces are at work, and whoever masters them will turn the tide of the war. Who will win? Freedom or fascism? Time will tell.

The Origin Story of the Department

So, we’ve read the stories of this future where anything is possible. The bombs have dropped, and the wasteland is ruled by violent bandits and supernatural horrors. The Department is the sole watchdog that remains, protecting the safe haven of the Ark from the hell that is the Toronto wasteland. There’s no threat they can’t fight; from bandits to mutants to killer plants, they’re ready for it all. How did they come to be, you ask? Where did the idea for a paramilitary group that fights both criminal and paranormal threats come from? We will find out on our journey through the Hidden Front of WW2.

A Different Take on the Setting

Let’s be clear here. This isn’t a historically accurate story. It’s set in the Department’s world, thus it is tonally consistent with that. We’re gonna see Wonder Weapons, we’re gonna see alien tech, we’re gonna see soldiers who probably didn’t exist. That’s okay. With this story, I’m sort of paying homage to both my interest in history and my fangirlism of alternate history pulp like Indiana Jones and Wolfenstein. I understand if that’s not for you, but I hope you join me on this weird and exciting journey nonetheless.

Never Surrender

When It’s Ready, 2019

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