Alien Woodstock- SNP Ep. 103

Richard Jones III and Mora

In Ep. 103 of our SeerNova Podcast (SNP) we had Richard Jones III on as our guest. We talked about a bunch of things such as his comic Mora, The Crow, and The Crow reboot. We also talked about Area 51, Alien Woodstock, and weird conspiracies.

Mora is a horror comic Richard is currently creating and is releasing this summer at Gem City Comic-Con! Mora is a horrific being that does some pretty messed up stuff in people’s dreams. Think Nightmare on Elm Street, but even crazier! If you like horror comics you’ll wanna grab Mora!

Alien Woodstock and Conspiracies

We not only talked about his upcoming comic release, but we chatted about the Alien Woodstock that occurred a couple of years back by Area 51. Richard also talked about a few other weird conspiracies and Greg mentioned Hellier.

Also, while talking about Mora we talked about horror movies and other comics and The Crow popped up. We discussed a bit about the reboot for The Crow and why they should just let it die.

We did go off on a huge tangent and talked about a ton more, but that is in our unreleased episode which will be available next week if you’re a Nova Nation member!

To watch Ep. 103 click the video above or to listen click here!

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