On the 7th Day of Seermas


Hello everyone! Happy Holidays and welcome to the first issue of SeerCreates!
SeerCreates is a weekly blog where I will create characters—usually villains as they’re my favorite using all sorts of methods and inspirations. I’ll walk you through the process of creating a character and explain my motive for designing the character like I did. I’ll include personal stories and provide an opportunities for others to post their own characters in the future. Look out for special contests and giveaways in the future, as we give readers an opportunity to use and write for our wide cast of characters.
For our first character we have a villain from my upcoming series “Gizmo and Shadow.” Adamus–The Diamond King! Adamus is an ex-Soviet Russian drug-lord with a…err… “special” skin problem and a very villainous lack of concern for human life.

Adamus’s Backstory

Born in the mountains of Russia, Adamus, true name Viktor Reznik, grew up in a world of war and crime. Never knowing a peaceful or normal life. Desensitized to violence and the problems of the world, Reznik grew up cold and enlisted in the Soviet Army as a ruthless agent. Firstly honing his combat skills and developing a wide array of contacts—friendly and the not so friendly sort. Reznik quickly became known around the world as an up and coming arms dealer. Within years he had assembled a weapons cache large enough to make the Kremlin shutter.
After building his organization and trade for years, Reznik moved to the United States some time in the early 2000s. This is when he began trading arms globally and also got involved in heroin and the trade of other illicit drugs.  But it was his move to the diamond business that allowed Viktor to really take off. With his business expanding Reznik was sought out by various organizations around the world, looking for someone who could smuggle goods worldwide and get rid of any problems as needed.

A Bit More Backstory

Adamus has very few family members left in the world, most of his family died in the Cold War and the only remaining member is his estranged sister—Viktoria Reznik. Viktoria is a dangerous criminal in her own right, straying not too far from her brother’s business as a lead human trafficker both into and about of Russia. While her appearance is short in Shadow & Gizmo its no doubt she will have a big role in her brother’s trades and in how he adapts to his newfound powers.
What I came up with was diamond skin. While nothing new it felt awesome and powerful on a mobster like Viktor. Diamond skin works for Adamus because it makes him powerful and an extremely noticeable character–to allies and enemies. His noticeable status plays along well with his well known drug and mafia ties, making him a popular and well feared character. Diamond skin isn’t necessarily the most POWERFUL ability of all time, so aside from being able to take a heavy hit, Adamus relies on machine guns and his goonies to do most of the heavy hitting for him.


I drew heavy inspiration from … of Ben 10 and this helped me flesh out the rest of the character as far as visual design. Lastly, I considered having only his core be diamond, but I scrapped that idea and decided it could be an evolution of his character for future story arcs.

History behind the name

Adamus’ name comes from previous name ideas “alamus” and “adamante,” being combined together into one—Adamus. Other than that the character was pretty much just spontaneous ideas coming together over the course of several weeks. I decided I needed a mobster to tie the diamond trade back to the city in Egypt where Shadow and Gizmo were investigating, and that’s how I started Adamus’ creation. From there I changed his character several times and decided he needed to have some sort of power or ability (diamond skin) to set him apart.
Look out for Adamus in Shadow and Gizmo where he makes his shining appearance.

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