7th Day of Seermas (Playwright for S&S)

Page 1
Outside of a magic shop (Da’Bas Tricks), it is squished between two other shops in an outlet. The sign is a purple neon sign with a magic hat, wand, and purple sparkle. (Contact me for info on the logo)
     Orabela (Golden Narrator Box): “Who are you?”
     “My grandfather said he knew you.”
     “He said you were some type of warrior.”
A woman with her face shaded in a purple shroud sits at a table, in front of a crystal ball swirling with golden energy.
     Saint (Purple Box): “I–I don’t know… I think I worked for the military…”
                    “No… not the military… it was…”
Shot of outside Psytech Building in Elm City, daytime, there are people milling around in the front. Trees on the side of the building. Two men in black suits are handshaking amidst the crowds of people.
      Mark Tubla: “Reaper Security.”
     Aldin Sharp: “Reaper Security? What happened to good ole PsyTech?”
     Mark Tubla: “The times are changing and so are we. PsyTech aims to stay up to date on all the latest technology and err… “special” human developments? Reaper aims to give us protection in that department.”
     Aldin Sharp: “Excellent, when do I start?”
Close-up of the shrouded woman, her face still hidden behind her cloak.
     O: How long were you there?
Shadow in the shooting range as a training agent, he is shooting wildly with a determined and aggressive look on his face. A senior agent is walking past and grading him.
Shadow Narration: “I– I dont know. It all seemed to happen so fast.”
     Senior Agent: “Good shooting Erik!”
Close-up of shrouded woman. Her hands on the cloak, she is pulling it down. Her face is still shrouded.
    O: “When did you meet my grandfather? The one who made you like this?”
Shot of a room full of psytech agents in shirts and workout sweats doing pushups. There is again a senior agent walking around.
 Shadow Narration: “You’re grandfather… Who… who was he?”
       Senior Agent: “THREE..FOUR…FIVE”
     Agents: THREE…FOUR… FIVE!”
Woman has pulled off her hood. She is a beautiful Egyptian woman, with brown hair, and brown eyes.
     Orabela: “Ne’bul Da’Bas–The Golden Fog”
Page 2
Wide panel, plane flying over a jungle. It is a military cargo plane with the back opened.
 Shadow Narration: “Oh… the tribal chief.. I remember him… I’m sorry…”
Inside of plane. Men are lined up along both sides of the plane, strapped in. Shadow sits across from Saint, a mid 30s archaeologist with heavy stubble.
Shadow:” You new here?
Saint:” An archelogist. I don’t normally work at PsyTech, but PsyCorp sent me over to help explore the campsite with y’all.
Shadow: ” what is it exactly? whatever we’re after?
Saint: “OraV’o the fabled “Living Gold.” Of blra blra. Gold that emits energy all its own, its said to protect the village for something like a million years. PsyCorp enlisted me to help study the effects of it on the human body, part of their new “MetaHuman Developments” department.”
Shadow:” Meta humans, what the hell do you know about that?”
Archaeologist leaning over fishing in bag for a lighter, a cigarette hanging in his mouth.
Saint:”To be honest.”
Saint sparking cigarette with a wide grin.
Saint: “Not jack shit.”
Shadow looking around the plane in confusion.
Shadow:” Then I guess you know as much as me. I still don’t get why they need officers for a standard field mission like this.”
Outside of plane flying over the jungle, a small village with huts and African people can be seen below.
Saint: “Who knows. Small villages like this are likely to be weary of outsiders and are prone to being highly defensive.”
Shadow loading gear into his bag.
Shadow: ” Well I’m not planning on getting into any trouble while I’m here.”
Top down shot of the village. Lots of people moving around, there is a large hut in the center where the tribal chief lives.
Shadow Narration: “We couldn’t save him from that awful place.”
Page 3
Helicopter landing outside village.
Saint and Shadow walking with troops through village.
Saint: “These huts look ancient… Must’ve been here for generations… Wait this can’t be–“
Tribal chief steps out of the main tent waving at the troops. Saint is turned around looking
Chief: “Welcome to Brila Bira!–
Saint: “Home of the Golden Fog! Wow thats amazing! You must be the Fog himself! Agent Grek have you heard the stories–“
Saint is turned around and looking in surprise for Shadow who has disappeared. Some of the troops visible in the shot also look on in surprise.
Saint: “Agent Grek….?”
Shadow peeeing from being a tent looking at Tribal Chief’s son shaking hands with an old asian man in a suit–The Farmer. Behind the old asian man stands trickle and Adamus.
Shadow tails The Farmer as him and Trickle and Adamus leave. He follow them through the outskirts if the village.
Shadow moves in on the trio as they stop outside the village– The Farmer on the phone.
A dark hand is on Shadow’s shoulder.
Farmer: “yes Mr. Co. Everything looks im order. Opium trading is at an all time high and the land here looks fertile. Yes. Adamus and Trickle are here with me now. Perfect. We’ll have Trickle enact the plan tonight. No, he agreed. But I’ld rather have INSURANCE.”
Over the shoulder (from the hand): “Hey.”
Shadow surprised, face to face with the tribal chief’s son.
Tribal chief’s son: “Interested in something.”
Shadow: “No, I uh… was just lost and looking for my way back to the campsite.”
Chief’s Son: ” I am O’ro Dabas the chief’s son. let me show you MYSELF”
Page 4
Top down shot. Tribal chief and Saint walking through the village. All around them the troops are interacting with the village people. The chief is showing Saint the village.
Chief: ” My name is Ne’bul Da’Bas, I am the chief and protector of blr blr. I first took up the mantle of the Golden Fog years ago after the fiest Ora wara.
Saint: “Ora wars?”
Golden Fog: “Yes, they were a time of great unrest when our valuable ora mines were u der siege from the Chinese. The land here is priceless. As I’m sure you’ve heard, the gold itself has… “Special” properties.
Saint: “So I’m told. What has it done for you?”
Chief and saint continue to walk through the village.
Ne’bul: “That is a power I hop you never have to see for yourself. But if you must know– I am quite literally…”
Close up of chief and saint talking. The chiefs is holding up his hand. It is phasing into golden mist in the shape of his hand.Saint looks on im pure shock.
Golden Fog: “THE GOLDEN FOG”
Saint reaches out to touch the fog but his hand goes through the golden mist.
Saint: “That’s amazing!”
Gizmo (off-panel): “Hey!”
Gizmo runs over to the Fog and Saint. Lugging lots of equipment and a tool box.
Gizmo: “Any of you seen my brother around here? Tall, black hair, brooding, dark shades…”
Saint: “Oh! Agent Grek! We met on the flight in. You must be his younger brother… err…”
Gizmo: “Name’s Gizmo– Psyetch’s leading technology specialist and go to weapons analyst.”
Shadow and the Chief walking side by side towards the group. A suspicious look on Shadow’s face.
Shadow: “Giz!”
Gizmo: “Hey big bro, who ya with!?”
Shadow: “Who? This guy? Chief’s son. You’ll NEVER guess who I saw him with either. This was easier than expected, I figured out why we’re here. Stand back.”
Gizmo: “Huh? Wait, wh–“
Shadow grabs the chief’s son, pins his arm behind his back and puts cuffs on him.    has a looj of surprise and alarm on his face. Everyone else looks on in shock.
Shadow: ” You’re under arrest for involvement with Adamus and the Diamond King’s drug trade. You’re guilty of crimes such as drug trafficking, the illicit trade of diamonds and other jewels, murder, and gun smuggling.”
Golden Fog: Please my son is a good man. This is not the time to discuss these matters! If we could all just talk I’m sure we can explai–“
Page 5
O’ro Flips Shadow over his shoulder.
O’ro Pins shadow to the ground. Shadow is in great surprise and … has as look of anger on his face.
O’ro: “I told you father. They are not to be trusted. It’s best we send them back where they came from. They have no place here.”
Gizmo presses a button. A large turret folds out of his toolbox. With unnecessary amounts of gunpower on it, it targets …. Saint and the others are taken aback in surprise.
Top down shot of the village. Lots of troops start encircling the chaos.
Golden Fog steps inbetween Gizmo’s turret and Shadow/Da’Bas.
Golden Fog: “Stop! Please! My son is a good man! He can explain!!!”
Close-up of Shadow’s face being smashed into the ground by Da’Bas’ hand.
Shadow: “Well he better hurry up. I can..hardly…breathe.”
Page 6
Inside of a hut,the walls are decorated with various animal heads and golden jewels. It is dusk outside. Golden Fog and his son sit in cuffs. Kneeling on the ground. Shadow stands with a gun furiously pointed at … head. Gizmo and several troops stand around them.
Shadow: “Give me one reason I shouldn’t kill him right now!”
Gizmo: “Hold on Bro. Let’s at least hear them out.”
Golden Fog Stands up he has a worried look on his face.
Golden Fog: “Please! You must help, Adamus and the other man–they call him “The Farmer”– have been attacking the village. They have taken several our of chieftan’s hostage in the mines. They are looking for land and access to our mine.”
O’ro: ” We need help that’s why we called you, we can’t combat them alone. Not with F’jro around.
Close-up of Gizmo with a confused look on his face.
Gizmo: “F’jro”?
Suddenly a fireball lands outside the hut, blasting right by the window.
Shot of the village. People are running in terror as fireballs are raining down from the sky. PsyTech troops are taking cover and firing at suited Russian Mafia members who are invading the village.
Shadow punching and kicking a mafia member
Russian men shooting as Gizmo runs at them, shooting them back.
Gizmo throws several grenades and blows up mafia members.
Page 7
Fireball rains from the sky next to Shadow as he is in a struggle with a mafia member.
Fireball explodes and they are both knocked to the ground.
Shadow scrambles for a nearby tommy gun, as the mafia member burns in flames.
Shadow shooting the tommy gun with a wild look on his face. He is spraying the gun and screaming.
Shadow shooting a mafia member multiple times through the chest, killing him.
A village woman stands next to a burning hut, holding her child in fear. Pointing in terror at the sky.
Village woman: “Look! He’s here! The fates have decided!”
A flaming phoenix floats down infront of Shadow.
F’jor: “I am the God of Fire. Ancestor Brila Bila. And decider of all’s fate– F’JOR.”

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