On the 3rd Day of Seermas…

A small thanks to all

We’d just to thank you all for being part of our journey. Without you we wouldn’t exist. As we grow we will be bringing new features to our site along with a never before seen interactive community like no other. So many avenues will be used to bring you this interactive experience like this blog for example.

Avenue 1: Your Email

This is very crucial to be part of  our community because not only will you be sent awesome newsletters about updated content, but also exciting offers and events like this 12 days of Seermas event going on!

Avenue 2: The Daily Journal

(We will get into this more later in this event…)
This is the newspaper company within The Seer Chronicles. We are going to be using this as a way to keep you in tune with not only the story, but have you be part of it! It will have articles that are based off of the story, along with everything else you’d find in a newspaper like: Obituaries, Business section, job section, movie section, crosswords, etc.

Avenue 3: City Map

(Again, this will be explained later as well…)
This is one of many features that is legend…(wait for it) dary! This will give you access to our actual universe! Say what?! That’s right, when you read The Seer Chronicles (and solo series, but that’s in the future a bit). In the map you’ll be able to explore the streets of Seer City and other cities as you unlock them by reading.

One Last Thing…

So, you just read what are just some of the many features we have in the works. We’d like to thank you all again for reading and helping us grow. Don’t forget to use our unique hashtag #Seermas to be noticed by us for our event!

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