The 12th Day of Seermas

Subscription Service

We have come up with this subscription service which will be 3 different  levels. In this subscription service certain levels will give you access to our content and even other creators’s content. It will also have some pretty sick features in each level depending on which one you’d like to choose.  Alright, time to break it down for you all.

Basic Level

-A taste of some of our comics
-Listen to For The Love Of Indie’s Podcast (Link)
-our newsletter

 Enhanced Level

-Monthly Comics
-Our newsletter
-Listen to For The Love Of Indie’s Podcast (Link)
-The Daily Journal* (described below)
-City Map
-Mini webisodes*future* (not related to story)

Ultimate Level

-Monthly comics
-Other Indie Creator’s content* new weekly
-Our newsletter It -Listen to For The Love Of Indie’s Podcast (Link)
-The Daily Journal
-City Map
-Cameo in a story
-Discount 25% off web store

The Daily Journal

This is the newspaper publisher in The Seer Chronicles. It is separate from our newsletter as it doesn’t talk about our company as a whole like web store discounts and what not, but puts you in the universe just like the city map. It has articles of what is going on in The Seer Chronicles to catch you up on the story, but not give much away. There will also be other aspects from any newspaper you can pick up and read.
Thank you for participating in our 12 days of Seermas! Have a great holiday!

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