On the 11th Day of Seermas…

The Seer’s Wish (11:11 pm)

A cool breeze brushed his face as he sat down in the railcar, scanning his surroundings for any further sightings of the perpetrator. He couldn’t stop now, he was just up ahead and he was far too dangerous to be left on the streets alone. The Storyteller–stalker of the night. One of Seer City’s more horrible villains it’s a rare sight to ever see him without a wicked smile and blood on his coat. Unfortunately, tonight was no different.
The latest body had popped around the amusement park. After being beckoned to ride the famous “SeerScraper” with one of the Storyteller’s famous stories, John set in for a short ride after his long-time rival. The seconds felt like minutes as the car ticked its way up the ascent. The normal excitement of the drop was replaced by the fear of what lay below. John took the time to read over his last clue. A story called “The Laughing Boy.” He skimmed over the last few lines–
“…Laughing with joy as he pulls up to his final spin. Family beside but so far from him.”
As he pulled up to the peak he thought to himself. If I have one wish it’s this– peace. Peace for my city. For boys just like the one in Storyteller’s sick story. For my family. My friends. And some nights–even for myself.
The rush of the drop came over him and even in this awful circumstance he couldn’t help but laugh. it was just so damn fun. How could you not? Wait… that’s it! How can you not laugh!? At the pure joy and excitement of motion, of flying 100 miles an hour straight to the ground! A flash flickered before his eyes just as he was flooded with these thoughts.
That was it! The camera! The laughing boy must be at the photo shop. It’s a picture of his ride! John jumped out of the car just as it approached the famous loop-de-loop itself–“The Seer’s Eye”. He slung out his hoverboard and hit the rail perfectly. Sparks flew everywhere as he skated his way to the base of the loop. He had no time to wait for silly rides. He reached down, grabbed his hoverboard at the edges, and spun it wildly, jumping as he did so. As he was spinning in the air, falling to the ground he smirked– now this is a real ride.
He began to direct his spin towards the coaster and soon enough his hoverboard was mere inches away. He gave one last push and slammed it into the side, leveling out as he did so. Soon he was skating straight down the side of the coaster. He was propelled to the ground faster than he had expected. He skirted onto the ground with a slide, braking against the force of the hoverboard by pulling and leaning back. In doing so he stopped just in time, in front of the photo shop.
Sure enough there it was. A large screen with cracked, blurred lines showing a ride picture. In the front of the car was a small boy, laughing and having a beautiful time enjoying the ride. His parents to his side and what looked like the rest of his family behind him. John couldn’t wait anymore, he had to move, to save the boy fast before any further danger.
He could hear the coaster rolling up outside as he stepped into the shop.
He could recognize that unmistakable laughter anywhere.
There he was, The Storyteller.
A helpless boy lies tied up behind him looking in fear at the Storyteller. The pair hear John as he approached and both turn to see him. The boy’s face lights up in hope. The Storyteller turns to anger.
“Seer!? How did you figure this out!?”
Without hesitation, the Seer reaches onto his belt and grabs a smoke bomb. He throws it across the room, shrouding the Storyteller in fog. Before the Storyteller can even move he’s upon him. Whacking him several times with his baton, beating him to the ground. he grabs the Storyteller by the scruff of his neck.
“Tell me, Storyteller. The Laughing Boy– How does it end?”
John reaches back and loads up a heavy punch.
“Lemme guess.”
Slamming his fist deep into The Storyteller’s face, cracking his chin with a solid crunch.
“It’s tongue in cheek.”

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